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Cycle Syncing Workshop

90 Minute Workshop. Discover how to eat/exercise/and perform for your cycle to get pain free periods, better moods, and boost your fertility.

Happy Hormones work together like a symphony

Together they regulate your metabolism, blood sugar, heart rate, menstrual cycle, and so much more!

When they are not working together you get a hormone imbalance and can experience:

Painful periods
Weight Gain
Sugar Cravings
Skin Breakouts

Good News, You can fix this without birth control or fad diets.

Learn how in this WORKSHOP
This is a UNIQUE opportunity to have both a chef and women's health expert show you how to heal your hormones with food

Meet Your Experts

Dr. Jen 

OB GYN and Health Coach

Chef Kimber Dean

Chef, Co-owner Nourish

Kalle Lemone

Boss mom, Co-owner Nourish

What is Cycle Syncing?

Cycle syncing is about adapting your life, nutrition, exercise, and even work tasks to the different phases of your menstrual cycle. It is based upon the idea that women have an infradian rhythm which is different that just a circadian rhythm (night and day variations).
Women have both a circadian rhythm and infradian rhythm because they have menstrual cycles that have variations over a month time frame

Here's What You Get

Beautiful 16 page workbook with all the details of the course

Guide includes details of the basics of the menstrual cycle, foods to eat in each phase, exercise to do for each phase. 

LIVE COOKING Demonstration by Chef Kimber

Showing you how to make the delicious food for your hormones


A community here you can be heard and supported, both Nourish and Well Woman MD, join our private FB GROUPS

Q and A with both an OB GYN and Chef

Seriously, has this ever happened. Access to an OB GYN and a chef to as any culinary medicine question.

Recipe Guide

Handcrafted recipes for eating with your cycle. 


  • Combat Sugar that you can lose the weight for good with nourishing foods  
  • Nourish your that it works with you and not against you    
  • Fix your that you can have pain free periods
  • Breathe deeper knowing are resetting your hormones to optimize fertility
  • Just curious as to what happens down there....yep, that is even a reason.