" Health coaching is a supportive mentor who helps a client reach their wellness goal and feel their best through personalized, one-one one encouragement around finding the foods and lifestyle practices that work best for them.." 

Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Are you looking to fix your periods, digestion or improve your fertility? That is what I do..
Let's chat about your health struggles to see how I can help you get the results you want and live SYMPTOM FREE! 

Coaching Package

Hormone Coaching for women

How wellness coaching works

Wellness coaching is tailored to you, I am here when YOU need me. We meet via Zoom and you get a clear plan for a specific goal. 
I can help you by taking you through my 6 part THRIVE Framework. This proven framework will help you:

Address Limiting Beliefs

Mental Health is ties to physical health. I can help you address the negative thoughts and break those barriers.

Set Goals

Do you want better health? Lose weight? Or just live better? Then I can help you set goals that are achievable and stick with them.

Reverse Habits

Let's look at the habits that are hurting your progress.
I will help you nurture the habits that are beneficial.

Who is Dr. Jen?

OB GYN and Health Coach

I am a Board Certified OB GYN who still delivers babies. My mission is for women to regain control of their health and wellness and ignite their powHER.

I help women balance their hormones naturally so they can boost their energy, have pain free periods, calm digestion, and clear skin.
Unlike most doctors in women’s health, my holistic approach  does not focus on medications but nutrition and lifestyle shifts.


Designed by a Healthcare

My mission is to work with you and your healthcare professional. Because I am a women's health doctor, I know what treatment options your healthcare professional would suggest so we can work within that framework to give you healthy, happy hormones!!

Are you ready for Balanced Hormones, Better Periods, Calm Digestion, and Improved Fertility?

My clients are women in hormonal chaos like you who learn:
How to regulate their cycles
Improve ovulation and get pregnant naturally
Use FOOD AS MEDICINE to reverse their symptoms
Eat the right foods for your body

If you are ready, I welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Here's what you get in a coaching package

Wellness Blueprint

Comprehensive assessment of your health concerns and a personalized wellness blueprint to help you outline the next steps.


Handouts that you keep for reference. These handouts are the protocols I use in my clinic.


Supplement suggestions. 

Zoom Calls

4 Zoom calls that we can review your progress and continue to outline a plan.

How to talk to your DR.

I can help you discuss your treatment plan with your dr.


We will review your journals so I can give you feedback on your progress.

Lifestyle Suggestions

I can help you by making specific exercise recommendations based upon your health.

Access via email

We can continue to chat via email if you are needing additional support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We try to meet once a week. But if that is too hard for your schedule, then we can space it out. One month is typically 4 sessions but if it takes you two months, you will only be charged one month.

You will be billed monthly, so you may work with me as long as you need. 

I will issue you a refund if we meet the first time and you decide to cancel.

Although I am a doctor which makes me able to understand your doctor's point of view, I can not give medical advice. But I am uniquely able to understand what they would want you to do. 

Course Pricing

  • Coaching Package
  • $600 USD

    per month

    Monthly Coaching Program

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A doctor's guide to having healthy happy hormones

  • Combat Sugar Cravings.. so that you can lose the weight for good with nourishing foods 
  • Nourish your liver... so that it works with you and not against you   
  • Discover the toxins in your everyday products..that are wreaking havoc on your skin
  • Breathe deeper knowing you are resetting your hormones
  • Discover the habits that are hurting your health..yep, there are a few.