Created by an OB GYN and Health Coach for you...

       Well Woman MD

4 Steps to BOOST YOUR THYROID without meds.

You will learn my secrets to how I improved my thyroid function. 

Who is Dr. Jen?

OB GYN and Health Coach

Dr. Jennifer Roelands is a Board Certified OB GYN who still delivers babies. Her mission is for women to regain control of their health and wellness and ignite their powHER.

She helps women balance their hormones naturally so they can boost their energy, have pain free periods, calm digestion, and clear skin.
Unlike most doctors in women’s health, her holistic approach to healing does not focus on medications but nutrition and lifestyle shifts.

What will I cover:

How nutrition and your gut health are connected
What lifestyle changes you need to make to improve your health
 How breathing can actually help you lose weight
Mindset work is jsut as important as diet