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What to eat for your PCOS workshop

If you are struggling with what to eat to reverse your PCOS symptoms, this 90 minute workshop is for you.

✔️Combat Sugar Cravings... so that you lose the belly fat for good.
✔️Feel energized and stop needing a nap.
✔️Stop being hungry all the time because of dieting.
✔️Fix your that you can have pain free periods
✔️Breathe deeper knowing that...your anxiety can be under control without more medications.

 "This workshop was incredible. It was the right amount of information without being over-whelming. I felt that I left with great action items and a clear idea of how to use the information.


Targeted Nutrition to Reduce PCOS Symptoms
Weight gain. Acne. Unwanted hair. Sleeplessness and extreme fatigue. Unpredictable periods.
Stop suffering every month with these PCOS symptoms. You can naturally reduce your symptoms when you have the right nutrition to support your cycle.

Imagine if you had trusted guides that understood PCOS and nutrition.  

Good News, You do!

This is a UNIQUE opportunity to have both a chef and women's health expert show you how to heal your PCOS with food!!

Meet Your Experts

Dr. Jen 

OB GYN and Holistic Medicine

Chef Kimber Dean

Chef, Co-owner Nourish

Kalle Lemone

Boss mom, Co-owner Nourish

"A lot of the research out there on PCOS talks about diets that are made up of x percent fat, x percent carbs, and x percent protein– and many of them contradict each other.
What’s more, some people swear by a dramatically low-carb diet, while others insist that it doesn’t work.
It’s definitely true that there are some guidelines to follow when it comes to building a healthy diet that promotes weight loss in women with PCOS, but I want to be clear about one thing: weight gain is a symptom of PCOS. Once you get your hormones balanced, you will naturally lose weight, have regular periods, happy mood, and feel good. I want to empower women to create their own balanced diets that follow a few key principles, and work for them." Dr. Jen 

Here's What You Get

Beautiful 16 page workbook with all the details of the course

Guide includes details of how food can help you heal your PCOS. How to eat the right foods for you instead of dieting and cutting out the food you love. Dr. Jen will walk you through how to treat PCOS naturally. 

LIVE COOKING Demonstration by Chef Kimber

Showing you how to make the delicious food for your hormones.


A community where you can be heard and supported, both Nourish and Well Woman MD, join our email lists to continue to help you with your journey.

Q and A with both an OB GYN and Chef

Seriously, has this ever happened? Access to an OB/GYN and a chef to answer any questions you have.

Recipe Guide

Handcrafted recipes for that are specifically for PCOS.