Your step by step guide to managing your symptoms
 so that you can get better periods, calm digestion, boosted fertility, and clear skin.
It's time to regain control of your PCOS and
be confident in your own body.

It's time to reverse your frustrating symptoms so that
you can THRIVE and not SURVIVE each month.

What if you knew how to manage your symptoms?

Without trying a thousand diets and restricting foods you love.

Receiving a diagnosis of PCOS and not knowing where to start can feel overwhelming, to say the least! And you have been dealing with for so long..

Stubborn weight gain that won't budge.
No matter how much you exercise or how little you eat, it never seems to change.
And you are told to work out more by your doctor and friends but that is not helping either.

Painful periods that come and go as they please.
They come maybe 3 times a year. Shouldn't they be once a month?

Scars from cystic acne.
You have tried every product recommended but the acne never clears. You just want to stop covering up with makeup.

Frustrating digestive issue that are not quite right.

Bloating or pain after you eat anything. It seems as though you alternate between diarrhea and constipation.  You know something isn't quite right but others are saying it is not related to PCOS.

Those Awful Mood Swings 

You feel like a slave to your moods. Up and down all the time, keeping you from being with friends.

And you are tired of feeling anxious all the time. It keeps  you awake at night.  And then you are tired all day.
What if you could just feel like YOU!

And YOU have tried everything....

-Birth control pills

-Expensive Shampoos

-Fancy supplements

-Keto Diet

5 Myths Busted

There is so misinformation out there about what you can and can't eat with PCOS. 


Eat Low Carb

You need a balance of macronutrients including carbs. It is about finding out how many carbs and what carbs work to balance your blood sugars. 


YOu just need to lose weight

It is not about weight loss! When you balance your hormones by addressing insulin resistance and lowering your androgens, you will lose weight. 


You can't eat dairy or gluten

Gluten free and dairy free are not for everyone. If they cause digestive symptoms or inflammation then eliminate them. But this is not for every woman with PCOS.


one size fits all

There is no one protocol for every woman with PCOS. It is about your drivers, your symptoms, and your body. I believe every woman should have a plan that works for them.

Imagine it now..

  • No longer needing to be a slave to your moods or hormones! 
  • Having clear skin that you don’t even need make-up to conceal or smooth out! All-natural, All You. Grinning and Glowing with Confidence! 
  • Your hair healthy and growing where and how you want it; a scalp full with the luscious thick locks you desire while you're no longer sprouting hair in other embarrassing places 
  • Being able to point on the calendar the exact day you need to be prepared for your Aunt Flow and having her come without all the extra pain and drama! 
  • All that stubborn weight you’ve been trying to get rid of for years finally coming off without having to starve yourself or eat like a bird! 
  • FINALLY seeing that little pink or blue line you’ve been hoping and praying for! 

I can help you make this happen


Thrive with PCOS is my nutrition and lifestyle roadmap that teaches you the steps to find clarity in  how to manage your PCOS. You will understand the cause of your PCOS so that you can nourish and nurture your cycle and your body.

But hey, don’t just take my word for it: Here is what Sam had to say after completing the course:
“Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. I finally had a cycle after many many months. Who knew I would be happy about a period. My period was less painful. And now I have regular bowel movements…”

Are You Ready For Your PCOS Roadmap?
Everything you have been wondering about how to manage your
symptoms is in the Thrive with PCOS course. 

What IS Included in this course?

Module 1: Drivers

Understand what is driving your PCOS symptoms. Is it Insulin Resistance? Inflammation? Gut Health? Stress? let's explore. 

Module 2: What To Eat For Your PCOS

There is so much misinformation about what to eat. In this module, we discuss the right nutrition strategy, NOT DIET, for PCOS. 

Module 3: Balancing Blood Sugars

Do you have cravings or feel hungry right after you ate? This is due to insulin resistance. To fix this, you need to know what sugars work for your body, and how to achieve balance at each meal.

Module 4: Gut Health

Do you struggle with digestive issues like bloating after you eat or constipation? Even if you do not have these issues, a healthy gut will boost your immune system, give you clear skin, and alleviate mood symptoms. 

Module 5: Inflammation

Inflammation is a root cause of PCOS. Poor sleep, environmental toxins, and stress contribute to inflammation. It can be decreased with simple lifestyle shifts. 

Module 6: Movement

Stop killing yourself at the gym. Exercising too much or too hard for your body will cause more weight gain! Yep, stress on your body can make things worse.  Let's discover joyful movement together.

You have access to this course for the lifetime of the course!

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Meet Dr. Jen

     I'm an OB/GYN with over a decade of women's health experience. I am also trained in integrative medicine.
    As a former sufferer of PCOS and hypothyroidism, I have been on the hormone roller coaster. From digestion issues to fatigue, to hair loss, to brain fog and infertility, I have been there.  Even as a doctor, I was blown off by doctors who said your labs are normal. But I knew something was wrong, it had been 18 months and no baby. I decided to ignore the conventional wisdom, and find the answers myself.
    I spent countless hours diving into nutrition and mind-body medicine. I learned how the gut is connected to hormone health. And medications like the birth control pill can wreak havoc on our bodies by masking symptoms.
    I started finding out what foods work for me and my body. Instead of starving myself and working out more. Now, I spend my time listening to my body, and helping other women do the same.

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