Well Woman  Membership

Community, Education, and Support

The Well Woman Membership is a community centered around optimizing your health and being your biggest wellness advocate. 

 This membership is a place learn from from Dr. Jen, get education on various topics, attend zoom monthly calls, live videos, attend talks with leading health experts, ask questions, go through courses, run through health challenges and functional protocols, get recipes and meal plans, and so much more! So happy to have you here.

 In a survey conducted with over 2,000 U.S. adults, 72% said that they felt lonely and 31% felt isolated at least once a week⦁ Extreme loneliness can increase a person’s chance of premature death by 14% and has double the impact of obesity on early death⦁ Loneliness is associated with chronic pain and depression ⦁ Loneliness is linked to Alzheimer’s disease ⦁ Social isolation is linked to reduced survival rates for cancer patients.



Per month

  • Annual Online Check-in (60 minute virtual visit) with Dr. Roelands. (this is not a medical appointment-strategy call)
  • Weekly open office hours (ask your health questions)
  • Dietitian Consults (3 per year)
  • 15% discount on supplements through Full script
  • Free access to all online classes
  • Access to all video archives
  • Get discounts to work with Dr. Jen and Elise 1:1
  • Monthly women's health topics

Each month we will release new content related to the theme of the month.
January - Thyorid Health
February - Cardiovascular Health
March - Menstrual Health  
April - IBS/SIBO
May- Anxiety/Depression  
June - Metabolism, Cortisol, Weight Loss  
July - PMS, PMDD  
August - Pregnancy, Parenthood  
September - PCOS  
October - Menopause, Pre-menopause  
November - Skin Health, Beauty  
December - Sexual health

Your Instructor
Jennifer Roelands, MD

Founder, Well Woman MD

I help women balance their hormones naturally so they can boost their energy, have pain free periods, calm digestion, and clear skin. Unlike most doctors in women’s health, my holistic approach to healing does not focus on medications but nutrition and lifestyle shifts.

Your Dietitian
Elise Harlow, MS, RDN

Founder, The Flourished Table

I help women use the power of food to live healthier lives without having to restrict delicious foods. There is no one size fits all nutrition plan. My goal is to teach women how to eat in a way that supports your health, includes foods you enjoy AND seamlessly fits into your lifestyle. 


Yes! You get access to Dr. Jen and Elise via the membership platform as well as the ability to interact on group calls, lives and educational posts/content.

Absolutely! The courses that are within the membership are: -Heal Your PCOS -Master Your Metabolism -Cycle Syncing

Course Curriculum